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By Dr. Brian Shwer
October 10, 2019
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Find out when you should turn to a podiatrist in Southaven, MS, to treat your heel pain.

Many people, particularly athletes, will deal with heel pain at some point during their lifetime. Maybe you’ve already had plantar fasciitis in Heel-Painthe past and you were able to get rid of the pain and get back to your routine without having to turn to your Southaven, MS, podiatrist Dr. Brian Shwer.

Most of the time, avoiding high-impact activities and giving your feet time to heal will eventually ease your plantar fasciitis, an inflammatory condition that affects the heels and soles of the feet; however, it’s also important to know when you should seek proper medical attention rather than treating the problem on your own.

Here’s when you should see Dr. Brian Shwer about your heel pain:

  • If you’ve never had heel pain before or if you aren’t sure whether your heel pain is due to plantar fasciitis or something else
  • If you have diabetes or nerve damage in your feet
  • If your pain is accompanied by numbness, tingling or weakness in the foot
  • If there is also severe swelling present
  • If your heel pain keeps coming back
  • If your pain or other symptoms aren’t improving with at-home care or are getting worse
  • If you can’t put weight on the foot or have trouble walking

Plantar fasciitis related heel pain is the number one reason patients visit a foot doctor. If you are living with heel pain in Southaven, MS, then it’s time you did something about it. While heel pain should resolve itself over the course of two months with at-home care, if this isn’t the case then it’s time to talk with our podiatrist.

How can a podiatrist treat my heel pain?

At-home care might not be enough to treat your heel pain. Luckily, our podiatrist has the tools, treatment options and technology to more effectively treat stubborn, chronic, or recurring cases of plantar fasciitis. For those whose heel pain didn’t respond to at-home care, you may be instructed to wear a special night splint, which will keep your feet in a flexed position while you sleep to reduce pain and stiffness in the morning.

If the pain is severe, your podiatrist may recommend wearing a protective boot so you can remain mobile without exacerbating your symptoms. Corticosteroid injections can also reduce severe pain and inflammation. We can also show you a variety of effective stretching exercises that you can perform every day to ease stiffness and sore feet.

Only in rare instances is surgery recommended (this is when all other treatment options have failed to provide ample relief). During surgery, a foot surgeon will make small incisions into the inflamed ligament, or even release the ligament from the heel bone in order to alleviate tension and pain.

Don’t let persistent heel pain prevent you from doing what you love most. Call Family Podiatric Physician & Surgeon in Southaven, MS, today to schedule an appointment with us. Let’s get to the bottom of your foot pain together.

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